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Please first check the F.A.Q. Page for answers to your questions.

For any other questions, requests or bug reports, please write an email to:

To speed up the process when making a support request or a bug report, please include the following information:

  • Your invoice number(s) (except for pre-purchase questions)
  • Unity version number
  • Target platform(s)
  • Render Pipeline (Builtin/URP/HDRP)

For issues or bug reports, please also include:

  • Detailed description of the problem
  • A sample project (e.g. a scene with minimum amount of content to show the problem) or step by step description of how to reproduce the issue on a new/empty project
  • Any console log related to GPU Instancer
  • Screenshots of the GPUI managers in use
  • Screenshots and/or videos related to the issue